Málaga, the city of the museums


Sean Pavone

It’s told that, when he arrived in the world, the midwife thought that he was dead. He wasn’t moving, so they left him on a table and focused on the mother. His uncle, who realized what was happening, blew a mouthful of cigar smoke above him and that was how the baby woke up. Picasso is one of the best artists of all time, and Málaga, his birth city, is the best place to trace his biography.

The house that’s only 107 centimetres wide


It’s difficult to walk across Plaza Lope de Vega without seeing someone photographing this building. No, not the Santa Catalina church, but rather the house at number 6 of this central square in Valencia. Although more foreigners seem to know this than Valencians, thanks to mentions in the travel guidebooks, this is one of the narrowest houses in Europe. Only 107 centimetres wide! In other words, the width of the door and a little more on each side.

The most esquisite distinction and luxury


Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa offers one of the most premium and exquisite experiences in Marbella: the Don Carlos Deluxe Villas. The exclusive apartments of the Resort are a place with private and sophisticated atmosphere, high-class services and a differentiated and preferential treatment.

La Mercè festivities: revelry, music and fire!

La Mercè festivities: revelry, music and fire!

Photo by www.institutchiaribcn.com

As summer draws to an end, Barcelona’s streets fill with revelry, music and fire. La Mercè is a whole week of merriment that takes place around 24 September, when the city celebrates one of its two patron saints.

Tone your body in our gym


At Mare Nostrum Resort we have a space dedicated to the care of your body. If you love sport, come to our gym and discover all the activities we have designed especially for you.

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